Master Stephen Yeoh Taekwondo

Self Defense

You will learn self defense in a realistic way that only a master instructor can teach which he does from experience. His class and seminars introduces you to learn how to use sticks, canes, knife, and other related tools as a means of self-defense. Master Yeoh also enhances your skills in coordination which helps in making the techniques more effective. This is not about any one style of combat but rather all styles ranging from the Korean, Japanese, Malaysian, Chinese systems to the Filipinos.

     Master Yeoh teaches students on how to create their own strategies that fit their personality and body type. Each client is assesed on their attributes and Master Yeoh giudes and enhances those attributes. Each client is interviewed before any strategies or techniques are taught. Clients can learn and understand these principles on a weekend seminar and take away with them a comprehensive understanding. This seminar is designed to teach students to enhance their chance of surviving an attack. Image: Learning how to avoid a deadly kick is just as important as delivering one



Students are taught to assess threats and given strategies that fit their personality profile that can effectively work for them.

  • Threat Recognition Strategies.
  • Minimizing Risk.
  • Enhancing Specific Personal Defensive Attributes.
  • Maximizing Survival.
  • Awakening Nature’s Awareness Protective Instincts.